This powerful debut, with equal parts light and darkness, makes for a fascinating story. Ewing expertly handles surprising twists, lyrical prose and a chilling plot, keeping the story fresh. Violet’s perspective is believable, and the romance is perfectly sweet and suspenseful.

When Violet is sold as a surrogate for the Duchess of the Lake, her life takes a sudden and dark turn. Though most dream of life in The Jewel, Violet knows she will never again be free. With the cruel and powerful duchess dictating Violet’s every move and preparing her to bear the perfect child, her only reprieve is her relationship with Ash. But as Violet navigates the vicious waters of high society, her strength and compassion are put to the test. (HARPERTEEN, Sep., 368 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062235794, HC, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
DJ DeSmyter