Devlin Barnett, Earl of Ravenstone, has had 10 years to hone his hatred of women and the Scots. When his Scottish foster brother Morvan, Laird of Clan Douglas, invades his castle, Devlin sends him to the dungeon and goes to Scotland to take the clan's keep.

Wounded in the ensuing battle, Devlin awakens to find himself tied to a bed and being nursed by the lady of the keep, Meghan Douglas, his enemy's daughter. He refuses to tell her his identity, preferr-ing to use her as a pawn to escape.

Neither can deny their overwhelming attraction. When Devlin escapes, Meghan follows, hoping he will take her to the Ravenstone and her father. She is too innocent and gentle to realize that Devlin is the very man who holds her father's life in his hand—or that they are both in danger from a treacherous foe bent on Devlin and Meghan's deaths.

Set against a colorful historical backdrop, this lively, entertaining medieval romance is a gift from debut author Jones. SENSUAL (July, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin