Showalter follows up her first Atlantis book, Heart of the Dragon, with this inventive sequel. When Grayson learned there was more to the world than met the eye, he became an employee of the Otherworld Bureau of Investigations. Now OBI informs him that Atlantis is not a myth. The fantastical world lies beneath the ocean and it's up to him to breach its barriers and recover the powerful Jewel of Dunamis. To complete his assignment, he'll have to battle demons, vampires, mermaids and other creatures. It's one man against a world of paranormal entities. His chance of survival is slim to none. Then a disembodied voice tells him he's not alone.

She's known him his entire life. Watched him from afar. Waited for him. Now he's finally here. He'll save her, but can she do the same for him? And when he finds out what she really is, will he betray her?

Jewel of Atlantis is the ultimate fish-out-of-water story. Showalter has created a ripe mythological world populated with fascinating creatures and dark lore, then plopped an ordinary human into the mix. Watching Grayson flex his alpha muscles and use his brawn and brain to battle surreal situation after surreal situation is fun and fresh. For extraordinary escapism, read this book. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Clark