When free-spirit artist Madison Westcott scandalizes London society by displaying a nude self-portrait at her coming-out ball, there is nothing left for her family to do but pack her off to live with her aunt Kendra in Jamaica.

Jefford Harris, Kendra's companion, has never met a more stubborn or beautiful woman than Madison. Even though he infuriates her, Madison is drawn to the powerful, sensual Jefford, and once they reach the island she discovers there is much more to this enigmatic man.

The passion between them simmers under the surface until the night they flee an uprising on the island. With death all around them, Madison and Jefford give in to their pent-up emotions. Then, along with Kendra, they find sanctuary on their holdings in India. In this exotic world, many secrets will be revealed, and unknown dangers will surface as Jefford and Madison fall deeper in love and into a madman's scheme.

With its exotic backdrops and sexy hero, Jewel of My Heart is vintage Rogers. Though not as heated as her earlier novels, it has plenty of sizzle, action, secrets, plot twists and a villain you love to hate to satisfy longtime fans. SENSUAL (Dec., 480 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin