Image of Jeweled


Image of Jeweled

Well written with exceptional love scenes, Jeweled catapults the reader to a place where magick is real and change can be deadly. Unfortunately, the frequent use of contemporary American terms and colloquialisms jar the reader out of the otherwise believable world Bast has created.

Evangeline has been accepted into the master class of adepts, but her celebration is short-lived when a revolution destroys her home and kills almost everyone she knows. Anatol, a fellow adept, rescues her, then teaches her what true love between a man and a woman is all about. Evangeline and Anatol’s only chance at survival lies with Gregorio, the man whose speeches and ideas launched the very revolution that is trying to kill them — and Evangeline has no idea how to react when she realizes she has feelings for Gregorio as well … (HEAT, Nov., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes