With intense emotion and gritty storytelling, Katherine Sutcliffe makes her mark with a new and powerful western romance.

Rafe de Bastitas is on a mission of vengeance when he stumbles upon Charity Bell's homestead and finds the preacher's widow ready to give birth.

Since her late husband's denouncement and the townspeople's scorn, Charity has lived alone, trying to keep her farm out of the hands of her unscrupulous neighbor, and praying to find a way to survive.

Charity isn't sure if Rafe is the devil or her savior, but she needs help to deliver her baby. Though he wants nothing to do with an ornery woman, Rafe delivers Charity's son and while she remains unconscious he cares for the infant, forging a powerful bond.

Against his better judgment, Rafe hires on to help Charity with her ranch, standing between her and the censorious townsfolk, and those who would steal her home. Rafe knows he can't stay forever if he is to have his revenge, but the passion he sparks in Charity and his own deep feelings are difficult to ignore.

It is a fateful day when Rafe faces down his greatest fear and his most vicious enemy to save those he has come to love.

Katherine Sutcliffe is synonymous with romances that combine power and passion; riveting tales that make an indelible mark on your heart. JEZEBEL is a powerhouse of storytelling. SENSUAL (Nov., 323 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin