"Miz Casss got herself a plan. Heaven save us. Lila McAllister always sheltered her younger sister, Cass, from the realities of her business as a madam of the towns brothel, but when Lila gets in trouble, Cass decides the ladies need to join a wagon train headed West. She sees this as the opportunity to start a new life.

Its perfect, except for the handsome, charismatic train leader, Preacher Pernell, who seems to have caught Casss eye.

Escaping hanging by a hairs breadth, Nathan Stone finds a dead man and assumes his identity and his job leading a train of religious people out west. But hes no angel and Cass McAllister is a striking temptation that could expose his troubled past.

As we follow Lila and her girls along with the rest of the passengers, we get a glimpse of their lives and troubles through Casss journal entries. The sizzling sexual tension between Cass and the preacher, and the interaction betweenthe good folks and the ladies, flesh out the story.

Full of wit, delightful characters and a unique plot, JEZEBELS SISTER is Emily Carmichael at her charming, humorous best. This is just the book to chase away the end of winter blahs and bring a smile to warm your heart; plus the cover art (featuring a lace-stocking clad leg dangling out of a covered wagon) is sure to make you laugh out loud. SENSUAL (Mar., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin