Self-consciously archaic in its language, Flynn's novel is a relatively straightforward quest story, the search for Bridget ban providing the author with an excuse to have his characters visit a succession
of what the blog TV Tropes calls Planets of Hats as they look for
the missing woman. Although the ending struck this reader as disappointing, it is well within the tradition of this book's space opera subgenre. Fans of traditionalist writers like Jack McDevitt may enjoy Flynn's tale of interstellar investigation.

When top Kennel agent Bridget ban goes missing, her employers at the Kennel give her up for dead. Bridget's daughter Mearana appeals for help from Donovan, one of her mother's ex-lovers, unaware that Donovan has been left a shattered man by his former employers, the malevolent Confederation of Central Worlds. The quest to find Bridget ban will take Mearana and her steadily growing collection of allies across the web of human-settled worlds and out into the Wild, where secrets from humanity's long-forgotten past wait to be rediscovered. (TOR, Apr., 336 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll