This holiday anthology is full of surprises. Although the voices of the four authors vary dramatically, the individual stories combine to make a warm and frequently touching collection. In Michaels' "A Bright Red Ribbon," Morgan Ames gets caught in a blizzard while going to meet the boyfriend who dumped her two Christmas Eves before. She's rescued from the cold by a dog who, along with his sexy owner, steals her heart.

Miller's beautifully written "The 24 Days of Christmas" brings Addie Hutton back home after a personal crisis. There, she encounters the police officer she'd been engaged to years ago. As the couple gets reacquainted, so do the police officer's daughter and Addie's stepson.

"Santa Unwrapped" by Alan is the chick lit–style story of Aimee Lachaussée, a volunteer who finds herself stranded with two volunteer elves and a wheelchair-bound Santa. Santa and Aimee's relationship progresses through ups and downs after that first fateful night.

In Blackwood's haunting and highly emotional tale, "Maybe This Christmas," Laura Randall is granted a wish to live over one important Christmas from her past. The changes she makes may alter the course of her life and her family's future. (Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel