Image of Jingle Bell Blessings (Love Inspired)


Image of Jingle Bell Blessings (Love Inspired)
JINGLE BELL BLESSINGS (4) by Bonnie K. Winn: Chloe Reed comes to Rosewood in hopes of convincing Evan Mitchell to accept guardianship of his deceased cousin’s son, 7-year-old Jimmy. Evan’s cousin, Spencer, wanted his son to be happy and Spencer’s happiest memories were of Evan’s home. However, Evan lost his wife and son and that pain leaves him with no desire to get emotionally close to another child. His father, though, wants Evan to take Jimmy in and perhaps find the healing he needs, as well as a return to God. It would just be an added benefit if he happened to find love again — this time with Chloe. This is a warm-hearted story of the healing from grief that can come from unexpected places, even when unwanted.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley