Image of Jinx (Bigtime)


Image of Jinx (Bigtime)

This addition to Estep's superhero series is packed with action, humor, romance, a touch of sorrow and just plain fun. The main characters are a delight, especially the hero, and the familiar faces from previous stories will have those who haven't read them wanting to dig them up.

Life with superheroes is not all it's made out to be, especially if your superpower is luck, and not always the good kind. Bella Bulluci is worried that her luck will jinx the opening of a museum exhibit, Whimsical Wonders, that she is in charge of.

And, of course, something goes wrong. Someone attempts to steal the star sapphire that's the centerpiece of the exhibit, and Bella is kidnapped — or perhaps rescued — by the mysterious Debonair, a teleporting art thief. As Bella gets to know him, she discovers his true identity and enlists his aid in trapping the thieves who, being ubervillains, will once again attempt to steal the sapphire. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley