It is well past time that Wulfric de Thorpe wed his betrothed. But Wulfric cannot forget the first time he met Milisant Crispin. As a small child, she set her falcon on him. He still bears the scars and he is in no hurry to marry the hellion, but his father insists.

Unlike her ladylike twin sister, Milisant does as she pleases, dresses as a lad, cares for her pets (a fierce stallion, an owl, a wolf and more) doing as she pleases, vowing to find a way out of this marriage. Wulfrics arrival sets her teeth on edge.

Never has there been a pair of quite so reluctant lovers. Milisant is given one month to make up her mind and get to know Wulfric. Theyre thrust together in a battle of wills where each is perfectly balanced with the other. Each seeks a peaceful way out, yet theyre drawn to one another.

When it appears that someone else wants to stop the marriage. Milisant and Wulfric discover a common enemy, bringing them closer. King Johns interference, Milisants friend Roland, her sister and an unknown enemy conspire to bring about or destroy the joining.

Quick-witted repartie, underlying sexual tension, a wonderful cast of characters and a delicious battle of wills makes for the perfect joining of Johanna Lindsey and the reader. This author taps into our fantasies and allows our emotions free reign. JOINING is simply another example of her writing power. SENSUAL (Apr., 377 pp., $6.99 — Hardcover published July 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin