Sarah Brennen has long dreamed of starting a family. Unfortunately, her husband Jonathan has been postponing for years, and when he finally agrees to have a baby, tragedy strikes. He is paralyzed in an accident during a Wilderness Weekend getaway.

With their lives forever changed, Sarah and Jonathan must set their future on a new course. Financial necessity forces Sarah to accept a job working for the Anglin Art Gallery, only to discover she has a flair for the business. Jonathan, on the other hand, has become moody, morose and unable to accept the limitations his body now faces.

Into their lives comes Lee Street, one of the owners of Wilderness Weekends and a friend of Jonathan's, and Sarah begins to hope for the future. Unfortunately, Jonathan continues to develop into an angry, frustrated and jealous man. Despite their love for Jonathan, Lee and Sarah begin to realize that they also love each other. Their forbidden love is an emotional hell that cannot continue, for all their sakes. One brief moment in time may be all they are destined to share.

JONATHAN'S WIFE is a highly emotional and deeply wrenching novel focusing on the evolution of various forms of love and acceptance of the consequences of your actions. A thought provoking and compelling novel from the very talented Ms. Holmes. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith