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Real women don't need to depend on men. At least, that's what Josephine Best thinks. And by owning her own hairdressing shop, she practices what she preaches. She has no interest in being courted, until the handsome George Brooks comes along. He brings Josephine flowers and even asks for her mother's permission to call upon Jo. Her relationship with George is growing, until Adam comes along…

As a little kid, Adam Morgan teased Jo, tying her to trees and calling her "pest." Now, returning home for the first time in five years, he doesn't recognize her. In his eyes, the annoying little girl has grown into a beautiful, admirably opinionated woman with large black eyes that mesmerize him every time he glances at her. When Mrs. Best invites him to move in, Adam is delighted, but between he and Jo, the feeling isn't mutual.

Jo is fighting her feelings for Adam. One side of her finds him deliciously charming and supportive, and the other despises his immaturity and inability to commit. Jo also keeps telling herself that she loves George, a man who seemingly loves her to no end. In the battle between a gentleman and a bad boy, who will win?

The first half of this book dragged along at a slow pace. The characters' emotions could have been expressed with more force, making their problems more interesting. However, I did find myself sighing aloud toward the end. I would save this book for a time when you are in the mood for a light pick-me-up, not a tear-jerking romance. SWEET (Feb., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ali DeGray