Here’s a sweet little romance set in Ryan’s signature western ranch country, featuring a multigenerational family with hearts of gold. Although this story is formulaic and the characters are stock, it will appeal to fans of westerns who like nice stories, with families who love each other and stand together.

Josh has always loved climbing the mountains near his Wyoming ranch home, which is why he is the first responder for lost hikers. When he goes up the mountain to rescue Sierra, however, he finds the girl but loses his heart. Sierra is surprised that anyone would come looking for her on the mountain. She just wanted to take some good pictures. Well, and hide from the stalker who plagued her in Paris. When she meets Josh and his family, she falls into a world of surprises. She has never known family life, and it’s more beautiful than any of her photographs. She is intrigued, but she brings danger with her. Can she actually escape her old life and make a new one? (FOREVER, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan