Image of Journey to Riverbend


Image of Journey to Riverbend

This debut novel won the 2009 Christian Writers Guild’s Operation First Novel contest. The characters are amazing. They seem completely real, with their insecurities, their faith and their convictions. It is refreshing to see a character follow through on a promise to a person who was hanged.

Preacher Michael Archer is a man who keeps his word. He promised Ben Carstairs that he would locate his father. It is the least Michael can do; he knew Ben was innocent of the crimes he was convicted of, there just was not enough evidence to prove it before Ben was hanged. Sam Carstairs is a hard man, driven by demons that no one knows about. When he receives a note stating that it’s time for him to pay off his debt, he is fearful for his life. When Sam is kidnapped, Michael joins in the search party to help locate him and to deliver his message no matter what the cost. Will Michael be successful in his mission or will he and the search party be too late to save another man’s life? (TYNDALE, Feb., 292 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans