Grieving over her husband's death, Laina Brighton also mourns that the two weren't able to have children. She cannot understand why God never answered her prayer for a baby. Laina moves from New York to Philadelphia, where her brother's family lives, in order to discover her purpose in life.

God has some amazing plans for her. Almost immediately she stumbles across injured orphans and Dr. Thaddeus Allen.

Clark's fabulous characterization brings the story to life. But she leaves no room in Laina's life for God's answer of "no" about a child. Laina clings to the fact that God does not answer her prayers. This issue is never clearly resolved, which leaves the reader unsettled. Still, historical accuracy and an uncommon plot involving orphans in the 1800s enhance the story's appeal. (Jul., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel