Image of The Judge


Image of The Judge

Singer is a master at writing absorbing legal thrillers with widespread appeal. This novel ratchets up the action by placing the characters in the middle of a reality television series. Complex puzzles and codes, along with relatable characters and real-life faith dilemmas make this a fast-paced, engrossing read.

After Judge Oliver Finney is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he jumps at the opportunity to put both his faith and legal skills to work by participating in a reality television series. The show pits contestants of different faiths and religious backgrounds against each other, with the audience and the show's producers deciding who is the most convincing. As the contest proceeds, the challenges faced become more sinister and dangerous. Finney must find a way to contact his associates on the outside to let them know what is going on and how to stop things before it's too late. (TYNDALE, Sept., 448 pp., $13.99)

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Melissa Parcel