Image of Judgment in Death


Image of Judgment in Death

Not only was the beating death particularly brutal, but it was also perpetrated on an off duty cop. NYC Homicide Lt. Eve Dallas and her able associate Peabody are quickly pointed towards evidence suggesting that the victim, Det. Taj Kohli, was on the take. But was he?

When Internal Affairs Officer Don Webster tells Eve to back off, she quickly suspects something is seriously awry. Was Taj on the take, or part of an operation to bring down arch criminal Max Ricker?

When another potentially dirty officer is murdered, Eve fears that she may have a vigilante on her hands. It is apparent this individual will not tolerate corruption and is passing judgment.

As always, Eves guts, intuition and analytical mind will be required to solve a deadly puzzle and stop a self-appointed judge before any more lives are lost.

If you have read all the previous In Death books then you already know what an incredible series this is. If you havent, dont miss out! This is one of the best romantic suspense series ever written. (Oct., 368 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith