Three ex-Special Forces officers co-own a skydiving business called the Jump Zone. In "All the Right Spots," Bobby returns after five years in the army to win back Jennifer's affections, but she's having none of it. Bobby is a well-defined character with a strong will tempered by kindness. Jennifer, on the other hand, lacks the strength to stand up to him. This story falls short of erotica standards and could do with a more spirited heroine.

In "Daring Sheila," the title character is out to discover her wild side, and Ray is willing to lend a hand. Ray and Sheila offer the most compelling conflict in the strongest story of the collection. She wants to conquer her fears, and her internal battle pulls us into her dilemma. An enjoyable story, but minus the necessary heat for erotic romance.

In "Tempting Jason," the hero discovers that Heather has the hots for him. But Jason is unwilling to harm his friendship with her brother, Matt. While the story's plot is easy to follow, the characters lack strong development. A decent, fast paced read, this third novella is missing sinfully lustful sex. (Oct., 329 pp., $8.99)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne