Image of Just a Cowboy and His Baby (Spikes & Spurs)


Image of Just a Cowboy and His Baby (Spikes & Spurs)

In Brown’s latest in the Spikes & Spurs series, both the hero and heroine are professional bronc riders, but we’re given only the slightest glimpse into the heart-pounding excitement of the sport. Instead, there are endless internal monologues about how hot the hero/heroine is, along with pointless exposition, tepid sex scenes, an inexplicable 75-page detour through a dude ranch for disadvantaged kids and the appearance of a baby ex machina, the result of our rodeo Romeo’s adventure with the type of conveniently heartless, child-hating woman who exists only in melodrama. It’s too bad. Brown is a talented writer with real heart.

Gemma O’Donnell and Trace Coleman are after the same thing — the ProRodeo bronc riding championship. Gemma’s determined to prove she can compete with the big boys, and Trace needs the money to buy a ranch. Their mutual attraction is a powerful distraction they can’t afford or resist, so they agree to a “competitors with benefits” arrangement that quickly grows into something more. (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 352 pp., $7.99)
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Carolyn Martin