Chilling and utterly intense, Donna Ball does an extraordinary job with this new thriller that exposes every parent's worst nightmare. Sensational!

The early morning phone call from a young voice saying "Mama, it's me, you have to help me!" shatters the fragile composure that real estate agent Carol Dennison maintains. Over two years ago, Carol's 14-year-old-daughter Kelly disappeared on her way to a Tallahassee concert. Because of their argument and the note Kelly left, the police have treated the case as that of a teenage runaway.

Newspaper reporter Guy Dennison, Carol's ex-husband, is stunned to receive a phone call from a man who taunts him with the words "do you know where your daughter is?". Carol is positive the voice she heard was Kelly's, but Guy is afraid that someone holding a grudge against him is acting out a twisted form of revenge. That is until the next phone call and the discovery of a murdered teenager. Sheriff John Case is more than a little worried; Spring Break is nearly here and there may be a serial killer loose in the seaside community.

The victim is not Kelly, but learning that the murdered girl also had an unusual Tarot Pendant ties her to Kelly and the body of a girl found a year ago. If Kelly is still alive, why hasn't the killer disposed of her? For the first time in a long time, Carol and Guy united in their quest to discover the truth.

(Apr., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith