Image of Just Down the Road


Image of Just Down the Road

Picking up where The Comforts of Home leaves off, this visit to Harmony is just as delightful as the previous ones. There is a new romance and a look-see at how the ongoing ones are proceeding. This book is like once again visiting old friends while making new ones and will leave readers eager for the next visit. A pure joy to read.

Tinch Turner ends up with his 4-year-old nephew, who may just have witnessed a murder. He gets help from Dr. Addison Spencer to keep him safe. Reagan Truman is now sole owner of the Truman Apple Orchard and she longs for Noah to come home from the rodeo, but it’s Brandon Biggs who is there when she needs him. For Beau Yates, writing and performing songs is his dream. Following advice from old Martha Q sets him on the road to stardom. And Tyler Wright waits for word from his lady love, Major Kate Cummings, that she has returned safely from her final mission. (BERKLEY, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley