Sexy. Smart. Funny. Nicholas is an awesome storyteller, and readers will be able to relate to the stupid mistakes the characters make due to their conflicting feelings —and will love the multiple references to Pretty Woman. The love scenes provide lots of steamy detail, but the passion and emotion is still fully present.

Morgan James and Doug Miller shared a hot one-night stand in the elevator at a fundraiser. Even though fake names were exchanged, Morgan tracks Doug down and requests his services on a business trip. The sexy redhead, with a lucrative position in a hotel chain, wants the handsome paramedic to join her for an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago to serve as a distraction from her ex. The no-frills relationship based solely on sex gets complicated once emotions get involved. Morgan’s desire for the finer things in life and Doug’s preference for simple living causes them to clash at every turn. (SAMHAIN, Jun., 296 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner