Witty, fast-paced and with a touch of poignancy, Lansdowne's JUST IMPOSSIBLE delivers her marvelous flair for suspenseful Regency and a perfect ending to her trilogy.

In England in 1814, "The Beast From Baron Wycchce," is William Thorne, Duke of Berinwick, scarred of face and with one eye, strikes terror in the hearts of men. But not in Julia Delacroix, who wants William to buy her silver lion trinket.

The trinket has been in her family for years however, the lion fits perfectly into a set William owns.

Though Julia needs the money so her cousin Emily can enter society and marry well, she inexplicably declines William's original offer. He senses that there is more to Julia's decision and is determined to find out what it is.

(Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond