Special Edition bursts into October with JUST JESSIE (4.5), a terrific book from gifted new author Lisette Belisle. During years of working in a man's world, a pretty rancher learns to hide behind a prickly exterior until the sweet passion of a rugged drifter melts it away to reveal her loving heart. Ms. Belisle pens a poignant story about two people searching for tenderness and acceptance.

Marie Ferrarella scores a winner with WANTED: HUSBAND, WILL TRAIN (4). In danger of losing her inheritance, a feisty heiress proposes temporary marriage to a sexy single dad, who accepts when it becomes a matter of life or death. Taking a classic plot and adding her own brand of humor and passion, Ms. Ferrarella gifts readers with a grand romance.

In THE KNIGHT, THE WAITRESS AND THE TODDLER (4), a handsome attorney finds his heretofore uneventful life turned topsy-turvy when he accepts a spunky single mom as his newest client. Arlene James serves up a fast-paced romantic romp that brims with witty moments, an utterly charming heroine and a delicious hero.

Susan Mallery concludes her Triple Trouble trilogy with THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER (4). A reserved tycoon, who reluctantly offers a beautiful woman shelter after she is washed ashore on his private island, is captivated by his guest's blithe spirit and sunny smile. Once again Ms. Mallery pleases us with multi-faceted characters, many-layered relationslips and lush passion.

A beautiful translator who resembles the runaway bride of a handsome prince finds herself posing as the sexy royal's fiance. But what will happen if the real princess comes back? Although the heroine's anger with the prince is misplaced at times, THE PRINCESS GETS ENGAGED (3) from Tracy Sinclair is an engaging love story featuring snappy pacing and hot passion.

Lois Faye Dyer wraps up the month with HE'S GOT HIS DADDY'S EYES (3). Returning home to care for her mother, a public relations assistant finds out that the man she left behind still loves her, but how will he feel once he discovers her horrible secret? Although the heroine maintains her silence a trifle too long, Ms. Dyer's solid writing, compelling characters and heartfelt moments will stir readers' compassion.

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen