Image of Just a Kiss (The Bradfords)


Image of Just a Kiss (The Bradfords)

Nicholas is an amazing storyteller with a great concept of relationships, both platonic and romantic. The chemistry between lovers and the camaraderie amongst friends flows naturally. The themes of second chances and making sacrifices for the ones you love will resonate with readers.

In one night, Kevin Campbell broke up a fight between his mother and a younger woman, found out his dad fathered another child and became the sole guardian of his newly discovered half-brother. To top it all off, he is informed that he is still legally married to a woman he eloped with 14 years ago. He finds his wife, Eve Donnelly, who admits that she purposely didn’t sign the annulment papers. With emotions high, and the lust even higher, the two give their love a second try and discover they are not the same people they were over a decade ago. (SAMHAIN, Nov., 304 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner