Image of Just The Man She Needs (Arabesque)


Image of Just The Man She Needs (Arabesque)

Forster lays a fine foundation for her
protagonists, yet throughout the story there's one conflict after another that
pushes them further apart. All this makes the novel longer than necessary. Although Forster writes smartly about the development of a mature, business-oriented couple, there's a point when readers might want to say: "Get on with it, already!"

Poleaxed. That's the best word to describe the effect that meeting each other has on Felicia and Ashton. The sexual attraction is more powerful than either has ever felt. But various issues get in the way of any chance they have of making a lifelong commitment to each other. As a single father, Ashton wants to be 100 percent certain that Felicia is the right woman for him. Having emotional baggage of her own, Felicia needs the reassurance that Ashton truly wants her.

And since Ashton and his two brothers are focused on their business endeavors, Felicia doesn't often come first. Is it a story of business first, romance second? (KimanI/ARABESQUE, Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor