Just once, Jemma would like to be free to find her own destiny. Just once she would like to know love; but her father has chosen a wealthy young man for her to marry and Jemma has no choice but to travel to New Orleans to meet her groom.

Once Jemma learns that her betrothed has died, however, she seizes the opportunity to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Exchanging cloaks with a young woman in a cathedral, Jemma walks away into the night and straight into frontiersman Hunter Boone's life.

Hunter rescues the strange young woman, never knowing that this one act of kindness will bring him so much trouble. A man who likes his freedom and independence, Hunter agrees to escort Jemma to his trading post and then see her safely to Canada.

Her adventure begins on the trail as Jemma learns what it means to "rough it," and life becomes more exciting when she is captured by Indians and must be rescued by Hunter, who refuses to sell her to her captor. Things only get better when Hunter teaches her how to kiss, and when they reach his home in Sandy Shoals her life seems to be better still.

Hunter's family and friends bring Jemma into their lives and he finally allows her into his heart. But soon Jemma will have to make a choice and just once sacrifice her dreams to allow Hunter to discover his own.

Warm and endearing, JUST ONCE is a wonderful romance complete with the Jill Marie Landis touch for gifting readers with a generous amount of tenderness, passion and humor. Ms. Landis' star continues to light up the romance sky. SENSUAL (June, 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin