As a young boy Morgan O'Connor had made a death-bed promise to his mother to protect his younger brother, Nathaniel. Over the years he has many reasons to regret that promise, but never so much as the day Lady Elizabeth Stanton arrives on his doorstep expecting to wed Nathaniel.

Fleeing London after the reading of her father's will and refusing to marry a man of her step-mother's choosing, Elizabeth arrives near penniless in Boston only to discover Nathaniel has lied to her.

Morgan has overcome many obstacles to rise from "Shanty Irish" to wealthy shipbuilder. Though he is estranged from his wastrel brother, when Elizabeth collapses on his doorstep he has no choice but to offer her the hospitality of his Beacon Hill home.

Having an unchaperoned woman in his house sets them up for scandal, so Morgan announces their intention to wed. Morgan offers Elizabeth a chance to start anew, not with his brother, but with him.

Their marriage gets off on the wrong foot, but as Elizabeth meets Morgan's social obligations the sexual tension builds and builds. Then Nathaniel returns, driving a wedge between Elizabeth and Morgan by spreading tales of Morgan's first wife's death.

In JUST ONE KISS Samantha James pulls out all the stops, taking readers on a spectacular roller coaster ride of emotions. Be sure not to miss it! SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor