A childhood friendship abruptly shattered is the launching pad for the newest tale of passion set in that romantic hot spot, Fool’s Gold. The warmth and inclusiveness of this charming town is on full display as Mallery ropes in another reluctant hero. No question Mallery has struck pure gold with this long-running and delightful series!

At 14, Patience McGraw’s friendship with 16-year-old Justice Garrett caused the first romantic stirrings of her heart. Then overnight Justice literally disappeared, with no sign he ever lived in Fool’s Gold. Decades later, the mystery is solved when Justice unexpectedly arrives back in town. Forced to leave in the middle of the night because he was in the Witness Protection program, Justice never forgot his childhood friends. When the opportunity arises for Justice and his partners Ford and Angel to open an elite defense academy in the town, Justice has to admit that one of the big draws is an all-grown-up Patience. But his childhood left deep scars that make him unlikely as husband material. (HQN, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith