Image of Just One Last Night (Medical Romance, #506)


Image of Just One Last Night (Medical Romance, #506)

JUST ONE LAST NIGHT... by Amy Andrews (4): Twenty years ago Grace and Brent were young, in love and planning to get married. But Grace felt that in order to follow her dreams she needed to focus on her studies, and abruptly ended the engagement. Now, two decades later, Grace is a well-respected ER doctor, but her priorities have changed. Instead of focusing on her career, her life is now all about caring for her teenage niece and nephew who recently lost their parents in a horrible car accident. Grace gives up everything to make sure their transition easier, which includes moving back to her old neighborhood and taking a job at the local hospital. The only hitch is that Grace’s new boss is Dr. Cartwright — Dr. Brent Cartwright — the man she left behind. This reunion story is bittersweet because just as Grace and Brent are reconnecting, Tash and Benji are mourning to their parents. Surprisingly, it is Brent who steps in and helps the family come to terms with their loss. This is a touching story that will have the reader tearing up at the heartfelt emotion from each of the characters.

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Dawn Crowne