Alison Fairchild came home from a three-week "vacation" a new woman. Previously, her self-image was practically non-existent—the result of childhood teasing—but after a new hairstyle, some stylish clothes and a nose job, she's ready to dazzle the crowd at a friend's wedding. Too bad the first man to take notice is the best friend of the groom, a blind schoolteacher from New Orleans. Ethan Granger has reasons for keeping his sight a secret, and playing blind allows him to see so much more than others. Can a love born in secrets grow into something lasting? While all three Fairchild women shine as each discovers something inside herself ready to come out, Alison takes the greatest journey in JUST ONE LOOK (3) by Joanna Wayne, as she discovers the woman inside is more important than any facade in this charmer.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson