Image of Just One Night


Image of Just One Night

Kasie could have easily been another flimsy heroine bulldozed by an alpha male. Instead she finds new strength in her relationship with domineering Robert, whose overprotective nature — which borders on Edward Cullen stalkerish — tests her limits. Watching Kasie outgrow her toxic relationship with Dave and become her own person alongside Robert is what makes this story. Not to mention, Davis’ prose is beautiful and her sex scenes both creative and hot.

Straitlaced Kasie Fitzgerald is happily climbing her way up the corporate ladder with the help of her fiancé, Dave. But when her best friend whisks her off to Vegas for her 30th birthday, she takes a chance on a stranger — ending with a wild night in his hotel room. When Kasie finds out the mystery man is her company’s new client, Robert Dade, she tries to keep her distance as her relationship with Dave crumbles — threatening to ruin her life. Can the strong, protective Robert shield her from a societal downfall, or will she make it on her own? (GALLERY, Jan., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna