Caterer Vanessa Douglas has always wanted to be part of her socialite family -- but on her own terms. Just as it seems they might accept her desire to have a job in the food industry, she meets Lucas Broussard. A lawyer like her father, Lucas has moved to Atlanta to start over. The fortune he made as an attorney in New Orleans isn't enough, and he wants to be a better person. When he learns a secret about her father's activities, he is torn about what to do. Just One Taste ... (2), by Wendy Etherington, has hot sex and an appealing hero, but the characters' motivations seem weak. Lucas' past in New Orleans isn't so bad that he needs to reinvent himself in Atlanta. Also, it's hard to believe that a conservative lawyer would take the chances Vanessa's father has. And at 27, with a solid career, Vanessa seems so needy by wanting her mother to approve of her job.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor