Image of Just One Taste (Recipe for Love)


Image of Just One Taste (Recipe for Love)

This newest addition to Edwards’ Recipe for Love series has a nerdy heroine who is a delight and a very likable con-artist-turned-chef hero. The dog adds a sweet touch, but the secondary relationship continuing from the previous story detracts somewhat from the main romance.

The only school former con artist Wes Murphy attended regularly was Hard Knocks U, but he is determined to graduate from the Academy of Culinary Arts. Unfortunately, he’s having trouble with Food Chemistry — at least until Dr. Rosemary Wilkins takes over the class. A shy genius and a nerd through and through, Wes realizes Rosemary is the key to his passing this class. It turns out Rosemary is not the easy mark Wes imagined and he quickly backs off, until his attraction to her makes it necessary for him to leave entirely. But Rosemary is not finished with the research they were doing and tracks him down. Now if Wes can just find a way to keep her around … (ST. MARTIN'S Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley