Image of Just Like Other Daughters


Image of Just Like Other Daughters

Faulkner’s latest is a bittersweet and humorous glimpse into the relationship between a loving, protective mother and her adult daughter with Down syndrome. Alicia’s personal and maternal insecurities and overbearing mannerisms may very likely become annoying and repetitive to most as the book goes on. However, readers will find it surprisingly easy to relate to and sympathize with Alicia as she guides her special-needs daughter through love for the very first time.

University professor Alicia Richards is the single mother of Chloe, a 25-year-old woman with Down syndrome. When Chloe comes home from school head over heels for an intellectually disabled young man named Thomas, Alicia is unsure at first how to handle the situation. But Alicia soon realizes that if she wants her daughter to truly be happy, she must learn how to take a step back and stop being overly protective. (KENSINGTON, Nov., 288 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun