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Grace Valley, California comes across as a quiet, peaceful community. But it really is a town entrenched in a myriad of secrets. Dr. June Hudson is privy to many such unsettling murmurings and is, in fact, keeping a secret of her own. For a while now, she's been having an affair with undercover DEA agent Jim Post. Due to the nature of his work, no one knows the man, but a relationship has been developing. Now Jim tells her that soon their secret may be revealed. This comes right before he leaves on another mission, which June knows little about.

As Jim leaves, June's high school love Chris Forrest returns home. Chris had broken her heart years before when he married another classmate and left home. The people of Grace Valley are anxious to tell June about Chris's impending divorce, insinuating that he may be coming home for her. Chris arrives with his twin 14-year-old sons who quickly begin making trouble.

Now, as June busily attends to a number of emergencies, she must also contend with feelings from the past, numerous well-meaning matchmakers, and personal discoveries that will all impact her future.

Robyn Carr brings readers back to her quirky townsfolk of Grace Valley, but JUST OVER THE MOUNTAIN falls short with slow pacing, despite an overabundance of plot, and very little that compels. (Aug., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson