Following Just in Time comes JUST PERFECT, a delightfully witty and sensual mystery set on a dark and dangerous moor.

At his cousin's request, Mallory, the Marquis of Kearny, is en route to the country when he loses his way and is attacked by wild dogs. Lady Hannah Thorne, who is happily resigned to being unmarried, rescues Mal and leads him to her brother's home. Mal is quite handsome, admirable and brave. His presence forces Hannah to think about marriage, love and passion.

They are pulled closer together by an investigation into a young woman's murder and its connection with the attack on Mal. Hannah is not afraid to risk all for Mal's safety and their love.

With wit and a great knowledge of the Regency era, Lansdowne pens a sensual love story and a chilling mystery. She peoples her tale with a memorable cast of characters, including a delightful cat and the wild dogs. Readers will be pulled in as much by the suspense as by the love story. SENSUAL (Nov., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin