Maddy, Christine and Amy have made a pact to face down their fears within the next year. Maddy did (in Almost Perfect), and now it's Christine's turn. As an emergency room doctor, Christine has courage. But she's afraid of heights, which makes going on a ski lift impossible. She loves to ski and really wants to beat her brother at something--and she knows she can out-ski him--so she hires an instructor to help her polish up her talents.

Alec Hunter is head of a search-and-rescue crew and a workaholic. Even on vacation, he can't stay away from the slopes. So he volunteers to act as Christine's instructor. Though strongly attracted to Alec, Christine doesn't want to be involved with a ski bum. She is delighted to discover that he's gainfully employed, but with her home in Texas and his in Colorado--and neither willing to move--does this romance have a future?

Once again, Ortolon mixes humor into a well-crafted story of self-discovery and personal growth. Christine not only reaches her goal, she discovers that being true to yourself can be more important than parental approval, and that love is something that shouldn't need to be earned. (Oct., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley