In 1958, on her 30th birthday, Korean War widow Beverly Newcastle realizes that her life is proceeding without her participation. Determined for Beverly to have a memorable day, three friends surprise her by taking her to a fortune teller.

Beverly doesn't buy into Madame Lavonda's act, but the fortune teller insists that she can foresee the future and that Beverly has a great task to complete. She gives Beverly some potion in a small bottle, telling her that she must drink it to bring her adventure and passion with a handsome stranger. Beverly eventually drinks the potion, and finds herself in the future and at male strip joint, confronting a dark stanger on a motorcycle.

Bouncer Josh Colby figures the strange woman is drunk when she stumbles out from The Bullpen -- that is, until she disappears before his eyes. Once safely back in her own time, Beverly visits Lavonda once again. This time she is told that in order to achieve her wish, she must undertake a dangerous task to save a life. Deciding that it is Josh's life she has been sent to save, Beverly again drinks the potion and returns to the future.

Josh doesn't know what to make of Beverly and her crazy story of being sent from the past to save his life. Of course she did materialize right in front of him, so there may be something to it. Josh's life has been filled with pain, loss and anger. Is this woman from the past the key to his future happiness, or will she leave once she completes her mission? 

Once again enthralling author Marilyn Campbell shines brilliantly with this latest twist on the time-travel theme. JUST IN TIME is an irresistible story that will thrill and satisfy her legion of fans. (July, 352 pp, $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith