The Reverend Richard Damsey is delighted when the Duke of Berinwick offers him the vicarage at St. Milburga's of the Wood.

A lover of antiquities, Richard will be able to delve into the legends of Owain Glyndwr's cup.

Upon his arrival at the rectory, Richard is informed of the Duke's demise and that he now must deal with the young, formidable new Duke. But a surprise awaits him with the discovery that the dowager Duchess of Berinwick is none other than Veronica Longwood, a beloved childhood friend.

Richard's involvement with the people of the parish puts him in contact with Veronica, and it's not long before their childhood love blossoms into a tender, sweet, mature relationship.

An armor-clanking ghost, an old feud, murder and mayhem all come together to put an end to the legend of Owain and his long-missing cup.

Lansdowne's superior writing and nicely crafted characters, combined with just the right amount of humor and poignancy, make for a lovely romantic read. SENSUAL (Mar., 318 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond