As a famous doctor, Shane is more than just a touch arrogant. Thinking that he needs to “fix” those around him can be insulting, but he really does have the best intentions at heart. Noelle is quick to teach him that his skills are a gift from God. She makes Shane want to be a better person and she also inspires readers to be grateful for what we have. The story has a very strong Christian message as it explores into the everyday miracles performed by God.

Noelle Walker’s life is forever changed when she is scarred in a fire. In an effort to come to terms with the accident, she goes on a pilgrimage to Valselo, Croatia. On the flight to Europe Noelle meets handsome Dr. Shane Thompson. They immediately hit it off and Noelle, who is very self-conscious about her scars, is amazed that the doctor makes her feel beautiful. The two make plans to meet up in Croatia. Once at Valselo, Noelle prays for God to give her confidence and courage to live her life with her deformities. While she appeals to God, Shane is busy making other arrangements. Without her consent, Shane plans additional surgeries to correct Noelle’s scaring. When he tells her this, Noelle incorrectly assumes that Shane is only interested in her as a patient. The couple is definitely going to need God’s help in order to straighten out their miscommunication and work together to overcome their difficulties. (WHITE ROSE PUBLISHING, July 2011, dl, $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne