Image of Justice


Image of Justice

As part of her new series, Robards brings back Jessica Ford, the heroine from Pursuit, and places her in more trouble. Robards starts the book off in chilling style, with hideous betrayal and murder. The twists and turns in this story are plentiful and thrilling!

After surviving the car-crash murder of the first lady, Jessica Ford has changed her last name to Dean and is working hard to rise in the ranks of the prestigious law firm Ellis Hayes. However, Jessica’s work on a high-profile rape case brings out the tabloids. Jessica wins a spot on the litigation team, partly because of the resignation of her predecessor, Allison Howard. Jessica suspects something is wrong when she finds that Allison has disappeared. Then Jessica is attacked. Someone wants to eliminate Jessica, but is the motive due to the old case or the new one? (GALLERY, Jul., 384 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith