Image of Justice (The Tainted Realm)


Image of Justice (The Tainted Realm)

Irvine’s fantastic epic fantasy trilogy concludes as it started — with blood and magic. He puts the marvelous final touches on his saga with signature complex worldbuilding, a narrative that flows effortlessly, dialogue that has hints of the fantastic yet is intelligible to all readers and characters who are rendered flawlessly. Irvine is truly a master of his craft and this is one incredible, absorbing series that should be read from beginning to end.

The reemergence of legendary combatants brings with it the imbalance of the Great Engine that regulates the land of Hightspall’s elements, turning her once fertile fields red with blood and battle carnage. Hightspall’s only chance to endure lies with a ragtag insurgent army of traitors, slaves and misfits led by Rix Deadhand, who, against innumerable odds — including being outnumbered by the Five Heroes Herovian army and out-armed by the magery of King Lyf’s Cythonian army — must prepare his troops for the final epic battle. The stakes couldn’t be higher: Emerging the victor means seeing justice served and healing Hightspall’s land and her people. (ORBIT, Jun. , 656 pp., $17.00)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt