Image of The Justice Game


Image of The Justice Game

Singer artfully crafts a novel that is the perfect mix of faith and suspense. It is fast-paced from the start to the surprising conclusion. While the faith element is present, it is not preachy.

While reporting on human trafficking, Rachel Crawford is shot on air. Rachel's husband, Blake, decides to sue the gun manufacturer. Two young attorneys, Jason Nobel and Kelly Starling, will head the case. Both are former employees of Justice, Inc., a consulting firm that uses "shadow juries" to predict verdicts.

When Kelly and Jason receive e-mails threatening blackmail, regarding secrets from their past, they need to re-evaluate their strategies and values. Their careers, as well as people they care for, may be in jeopardy. Will the case be declared a mistrial or will they choose to defy the blackmailer and settle? How is Justice, Inc. involved? (TYNDALE, Aug., 494 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee