Justin Kincaid is back in town. Seven years ago he had been accused of a horrid crime and now he has returned as Landing's new sheriff.

Staid, respectable shopkeeper Megan Bartlett has never forgotten Justin and their sweet stolen kisses, nor his marriage proposal. But she could not sacrifice her respectability for his love. Now Megan is ready to defy her priggish sister, fully-prepared to dare to make Justin believe in her.

When Justin takes in a murdered prostitute's six-year-old child, Megan asks to help care for Bonnie. Their mutual love for the child brings Justin and Megan together. Yet, just as they are rebuilding the foundation of their love, a killer begins to stalk the town. Justin is determined to capture the murderer before Megan or Bonnie become the next victim.

From her hidden cache of silky lingerie to her scandalous Worth gown, Megan is puzzling combination of prim lady and sensual woman who drives Justin and his good intentions crazy. Susan Mallery's deft characterization and sweetly sensual Americana romance is one of the "feel good" books of the season. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin