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by Cheyenne McCray

Genre: Erotic Romance, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

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Steamy love scenes, a heart-stopping mystery and a theme of second chances make this novel impossible to put down. The best part about this love story is the natural progression of the relationship as opposed to two people rushing into bed. The building attraction is slow enough to keep anticipations high and juicy enough to leave readers panting for more.

Journalist Kelsey Nichols flies to Arizona to write about the issues a small town has with illegal immigrants. She stays with a family that includes law enforcement officer Kade Owen. The two immerse themselves in each other and an unfolding mystery of the men who smuggle immigrants across the border. When they get too close to the situation, danger ensues and the two must fight for their lives. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Dec., 336 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed By: B. Nakia Garner


Published: December 2010

Reader Rating

2 Stars

Average Rating: 2 Stars
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Kade: Armed and Dangerous

Submitted by Teri P on December 3, 2010 - 12:07am.

You get the gist of the book in the review done by RT. Here are a few things that just didn't work well for me. Heroine Kelsey is very weak in her role. Kade calls her to ask that she relocate as she is in extreme danger where she is, and she falls back to sleep. There is no sense of urgency from her in any of the suspense parts of the book.

The child of Kade's was very immature. I thought he was about 5 years old, and his character was 9. And why are Kade and child doing, still living with mom and dad?

Last but not least is the note to readers in front of the book, stating that this is a re-write of an earlier work of Cheyenne McCray's. Yes, it was, and so are all the Armed and Dangerous books. I have all 4 of them in Ellora's Cave Ebook, then in Ellora's Cave trade paperback, and again in the latest format. When she mentioned that Kade's book was an earlier work, I grabbed the EC books, and sure enough - the entire series is. Left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I definitely will not buy the next, and last book because - I already have it, the original copy from Ellora's Cave.

I fail to see how RT could give this book a 4 1/2 star rating, and not mention the book is a rewrite.