Image of The Kansas Lawman's Proposal


Image of The Kansas Lawman's Proposal

One of the genre's top-notch western writers delivers the expected in a tale that's as classic as they come. Finch's fast-paced, sensual style holds the plot together even though there's nothing innovative or unexpected in this comfort read.

Rachel St. Raimes has been running most of her life. She's finally happy working in Dodge City until she refuses the unsavory proposition of a powerful man. Fleeing the scene of what she believes is murder, Rachel joins a medicine show.

U.S. Marshal Nate Montgomery is on one last mission when he's attacked and left staked out to die. Rachel finds him but, wary as she is of any man, especially one as handsome as Nate, she tries to keep her distance. But this strong, tender man offers her safety and love, something Rachel desperately needs. Yet once she discovers he's a lawman she fears he might betray her love. Nate is hunting the very man who threatens Rachel's life, and even when he takes down the villain he must still gain her trust. (HARLEQUIN, Jan., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin