Image of Karma Girl (Bigtime)


Image of Karma Girl (Bigtime)

Secret identities and superpowers
take on a delightful and humorous
new twist in Estep's exciting debut, written in the first person. Fun and sexy, Estep's caper demonstrates
how revenge can backfire. Here's
hoping for more Bigtime adventures from this impressive talent.

On her wedding day, reporter Carmen Cole discovers her fiance and her best friend having sex. But even worse is finding out that her fiance and best friend are none other than superhero Machinator and uber-villain Crusher. Filled with hurt and anger, Carmen vows to uncover all the secret identities of both the heroes and villains.

She continues her quest when she moves to Bigtime, N.Y. But then she's kidnapped by the Terrible Triad and faced with the proposition of uncovering the secret identities of Striker and the rest of Fearless Five or becoming a horrific human experiment. Unwilling to help, Carmen hopes to turn the tables, but she'll need to carefully track the very sexy Striker. Carmen has sworn off getting involved with superheroes, but it doesn't appear that her heart is listening. (BERKLEY, May, 368 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith